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Are you pregnant or planning to become pregnant? Here at Dr. Joseph Paul Vice you are in good hands. You can find all the information needed in your very exciting journey.

Preconception Visit

If you are planing a pregnancy we recommend discussing any concerns with the doctor. Doctor Vice can also review your risk for conditions that may affect your pregnancy and you can receive any needed vaccinations. Women who are planning a pregnancy should take a daily multivitamin with at least 400 milligrams of folic acid.

Prenatal Visits

Firstly, Congratulations on your pregnancy and we are excited to accompany you on this journey. During your prenatal visits you will receive the best in prenatal care offered. We are here for you in this wonderful time. During your pregnancy your visits during the first trimester are typically once a month, second trimester is twice a month and as your little one is getting ready to make their entrance into the world we will see you once a week.


6 to 10 weeks: Your First prenatal visit at this visit we will date your pregnancy and do appropriate lab test.

11 to 13 Weeks: First ultrasound, fetal heart motion, to check for fetal size and dates and blood test. (Ask about our heartbeat bears.)

15 to 18 weeks: Optional Quad Screening and Optional Gender detection. (Ask about out gender reveal options)

26 to 30 Weeks: Glucose Test.

35 to 37 Weeks Culture Test for strep B.

Doctor Vice has been birthing babies for over 20 years. You are in very good hands your health and the health of your baby is the upmost importance. Below you will find additional information about pregnancy


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