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Robotic Surgery

Minimally Invasive & Robotic Surgery

Minimally invasive surgical procedures avoid open invasive surgery in favor of closed or local surgery with less trauma. Minimally invasive surgery should have less operative trauma for the patient.

Some of the benefits of robotic surgery: 

  • Less Pain & Scarring 
  • Faster Recovery Time 
  • Shorten Hospital Stay or Out Patient Option 
  • Smaller Incisions 
  • Early Return to Normal Activities

We want to help get you back into your daily routine and with this advance technology we are able to do so.

Gynecological Procedures

Some of the gynecologic procedures preformed with robotic surgery include:

  • Cervical and endometrial cancers
  • Lymph node dissections
  • Ovarian cysts and masses
  • Hysterectomies

Dr. Joseph Vice’s main priority is to provide a safer alternative to traditional open surgery by using a minimally invasive approach whenever possible.  For more information please contact us to schedule a consultation.